3D Evening Porch Environment

During the summer of my junior year in college I completely a mentorship with a professional 3D lighting artist who works for DreamWorks Animation Studios. I had the amazing opportunity to work on a 3d modeling and lighting piece with him. I presented him with a concept for a project I wanted to do and he worked me through the process each step of the way. It was an incredible experience and I really enjoyed working on this piece. 

3D Succulent Model

This is a personal project I completed during the summer of 2020. I love succulents and thought it would be a fun subject matter to continue practicing modeling, lighting, and rendering. I can’t seem to keep even the simplest household plants alive so I wanted to recreate my favorite little plant as a digital model!

3D Modeling and Animation

Below are a few stylized 3D characters and animations I’ve created using Maya. The first is a bipedal platypus model, built with a custom rig, and animated walk cycle. The second is a stylized, short, halloween themed animation. The third is a traffic robot model with a simple turnaround.